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C L A S S I C A L   B A L L E T S ...... Restaged by Cheryl Rist
Cinderella & Nutcracker choreographed by Andrew Rist

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Cheryl Rist

CO-FOUNDER / DIRECTOR, Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota (1987)

Ballet Minnesota (1990)

Restages all 'Classical' ballets (except
Nutcracker & Cinderella)
for Ballet MN.
Costume designer for all Ballet MN classical
Ballets and all ballets choreographed
by Andrew Rist.


Classical Ballets include:
Swan Lake (acts 1-4)
La Bayadere (acts 1-3)
Don Quixote (acts 1-2)
Giselle (acts 1-2)
Les Sylphides
Pas de Quatre
Sleeping Beauty

Partial listing of ballets,
choreographed by Andrew Rist

At The Museum (now a book)
Beethoven's 6th Symphony
Beethoven's 9th Symphony
Black Dog Cafe
Classic Nutcracker
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony
Mozart's 40th Symphony
Pachelbel's Canon In D
Cheryl Rist


Cheryl, a graduate of the Cornish School of Arts in Seattle, was the recipient of (7) Arts Scholarships. Her teachers include Robert Joffrey, Loyce Houlton, Hanya Holm, Flemming Halby and Frank Bourman. She began dancing with Sacramento Ballet under the direction of Jean-Paul Comelin (formerly Paris Opera Ballet). She danced as a principal with the Banff Festival, the Minnesota Dance Theater (under the direction of Loyce Houlton) and Ballet Minnesota. n 1987 Cheryl and her husband Andrew co-founded the Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota and in 1990 they co-founded Ballet Minnesota. Cheryl has a special gift understanding the art of Classical Ballet. She has restaged many of the classic ballets for Ballet Minnesota which include "Swan Lake", "Giselle", "Sleeping Beauty", "Les Sylphides", "Flower Festival pas de deux", "Coppelia" and "La Bayadere". Cheryl is known for restaging the complete ballets such as 4 acts of Swan Lake. In addition to all of this she designs and costumes all the works presented by Ballet MInnesota. Although she is a sought after designer, she concentrates her engeries on CBA and Ballet Minnesota. Cheryl is the mother of Heather and Richard and is pleased to announce that she has a precious granddaughter, Chloe, daughter of Richard and Becky.


Restaged by & Costumes by Cheryl Rist

Not Pictured: Pas de Quatre & Paquita

SWAN LAKE   Acts 1-4

2007 & 2008
19 & 20th Minnesota Dance Festival
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, Minnesota

Restaged by & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist

Photography: Dave Trayers

Swan Lake Acts 1-2  pp
original choreography (1877): Mauius Petipa
music: Peter I Tchaikovsky
first performed: St Petersburg, Russia

March 4, 1877
Bolshoi Theater, Moscow:4 Acts
Music: Peter Tchaikovsky
Libretto: VP Begitchev V Geltser
Choreography: V Reisinger
Principals: Palageia Karpakova
S Gilbert  
* Not a sucesss

March 1, 1894
2nd Act produced at St Petersburg Maryinsky Theater
Choreography: L Ivanov
Prinicpals: Legnani, Gerdt

January 27, 1895
Full 4 Acts: Maryinsky Theater
Marius Petipa (1st & 3rd Acts)
Lev Ivanov (2nd & 4th Acts)
Odette-Odile: Legnani
Sigfried: Gerdt .

1901: Restaged wth revisions by Gorsky at Bolshoi
1937: Restaged: Messerer: Bolshoi
1933: Vaganova Version, Kirov
1945: Lopokova Version, Kirov
1950: K Sergeyev Version, Kirov
1969: Grigorovich Version, Bolshoi

First Production of complete ballet outside Russia
1907: Prague National Theater,
choreography: Achille Viscus)

1 st London Perf. (2nd act)
1910: Hippodrome.   
Odette: Preobrajenska

First full length Petitpa-Ivanov version outside Russia
1934: Vic-Wells Ballet
Staged by: Sergeyev

First Ballet Minnesota Staging:
8th Minnesota Dance Festival
2nd Act Only
O'Shaughnessy, St Paul, MN
Restaged by: Cheryl Rist and Elizabeth Shipiatsky
Odette: Marina Mosina
Sigfried: Dmtri Roudnev.

Ballet Minnesota: Acts 1-4
May 17-19, 2007
19th Minnesota Dance Festival
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN
restaged by:   Cheryl Rist
Odette: Oksana Konobeyeva
Sigfried: Davis Robertson

Last Performance: Ballet MN
2008: 20th MDF
Fitzgerald Theater

L A   B A Y A D E R E    Acts 1-3

2009 Cast: La Bayadere: Act 1
21st Minnesota Dance Festival
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, Minnesota

Restaged by & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist
Photography: Dave Trayers

La Bayadere ClassicsBow

La Bayadere
Acts 1-3

Nikiya, temple bayadere
     Oksana Konobeyeva

Solor, warrior prince
     Andrei Jouravleva

Gamzatti, Raja's daughter
     Julia Heggernes

High Brahmin, spiritual leader      Robert Cleary

Magdeveya,trusted slave
     Garvin Jellison

The Raja Dugmanta
     Antone Gregory

Aya, royal assistant
     Maryann Johnson

Fire Dance: Allen Gregory, Ted Sothern, Garvin Jellison, Jordan Nelson

Bayaderes: Jennifer Bennett, Rebecca Pelletier, Megan Simon, Marisha Johnson, Anna Betz, Sophia Mitchell

Monks: Brad Lis, Jim Arnold, Anders Ulland, Todd Wildenaruer

: Rachelle Horowitz, Margaret Ulland, Jacqueline LIs, Olivia Brunzell-Garrett, Juliana Johnson, Alyssa Wildenauer, Hannah Wagner, Rebecca McDonnell,

Fan Dance: Rachelle Horowitz, Margaret Ulland, Jacqueline LIs, Olivia Brunzell-Garrett, Erin Warn, Maddie Klein, Juliana Johnson, Alyssa Wildenauer,Hannah Wagner, Rebecca McDonnell, Emma Benja, Sophia Mitchell, Allen Gregory, Garvin Jellison, Jordan Nelson, Ted Sothern
Golden Idol: Nicholas Lincoln
Manou Dance: Jacqueline LIs, Sara Ezzell, Maragert Underwood

4 Dancers: Jennifer Bennett, Rebecca Pelletier, Megan Simon, Marisha Johnson

Shades Soloists: Jennifer Bennett, Rebecca Pelletier, Megan Simon

Shades: Julia Heggerness, Jennifer Bennett, Rebecca Pelletier, Megan Simon, Marisha Johnson, Rachelle Horowitz, Margaret Ulland, Jacqueline LIs, Olivia Brunzell-Garrett, Anna Betz, Maddie Klein, Juliana Johnson, Sophia Mitchell, Alyssa Wildenauer, Hannah Wagner, Rebecca McDonnell, Emma Benja, Sara Ezzell, Margaret Underwood, Elle Klein, Erin Warn

S L E E P I N G   B E A U T Y

2010 Cast: Sleeping Beauty: Prologue, Acts 1-3
22nd Minnesota Dance Festival,
May 14-15, 2010
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, Minnesota

Restaged by & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist
Photography: Dave Trayers

2004 & 2011                                                                                   D O N   Q U I X O T E,  Acts 1-3

2011 Cast: Don Quixote: Act 1-3        23rd Minnesota Dance Festival
2004 Cast: Don Quixote: Act 1-3        16th Minnesota Dance Festival
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, Minnesota

Restaged by & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist

Don Quixote Rollover 2011


April 28 - May 1, 2004


 Oksana Konobeyeva
  Dmitri Tuboltsev

Don Quixote:   Jim Lieberthal
Sancho Panza:  Brad Jacula
Queen:Dryads:  Caitlin Musmann
Amour:  Sarah Bulger
Lorenzo:  Antone Gregory
Toreado:  Kirill Bak
Mercedez: Colette Illarde
Flower Girls:  Erin Warn, Taylor

Dryads:  Erin Warn, Taylor Dreyling,
   Vanessa Burns, Carolyn
   Quisenberry,Daniella Vaughn,
   Elena Ahmann,Tayden Kuhn,,
   Rebecca Pelletier, Michelle Ho,
   Emily Bariel, Jordan Van Matre,
   Caitlin Lam. Marisha Johnson,
   Charlotte Kroening, Maria de sam
   Lazaro, Karmyn Grant, Claire
   Buethe, Tori Kampmeyer, Sierra
   Benson, Emma Colon

Gypsies:  Tayden Kuhn, Rebecca
   Pelletier, Michelle Ho, Elena
   Ahmann ,Emily Bairel, Jordan
   van Matre, Caitlin Lam, Sarah
   Andre Scheglowski, Allen
   Gregory, Jordain Chinander

L E S   S Y L P H I D E S

Restaged by:   Cheryl Rist
Choreographer:   Michael Fokine
Composer:  Frederic Chopin
Orchestration:  Alexander Glasunov
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Lighting:  Tom Campbell

World Premiere:
     as Chopiniana:
             1907 Maryinsky Theater
              St Petersburg, Russia
     as  Les Sylphides
             1909 Theatre du Chatelet
              Paris, France

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
     4th Minnesota Dance Festival
     May, 1992
     St Paul Student Center Theater,
            St Paul, MN
     Lead Female: Cheryl Rist
     Lead Male: Robert Cleary

Ballet Minnesota 2nd Restaging:
     May, 1998
     EM Pearson Theater, St Paul, MN
     Lead Female: Karen Burns
     Lead Male: David Stright

Ballet Minnesota 3rd Restaging:
     24th Minnesota Dance Festival
     May 4-5i, 2012
     Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN

     Lead Female: Erin Warn
     Lead Male: Alexander Smirnov
     Soloists: Hannah Wagner, Margaret          Underwood
     Corps de Ballet: Harper Skulley, Olivia      Verdick, Celesta Brainard, Berea
      Ames, Anna Reimann, Olivia-Rose       Awsumb, Solana Reyes, Erin Chase
      Kayla  Assimacopoulos, Molly Roche,
      Mary Shrake, Gretchen Gerlach,
     Jordan Jankowski, Clara Konetschka,      Christina Smith, Karly Lunda

Les Sylphides

2005                                                                                                                G I S E L L E,  Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene

GISELLE, Acts 1-2
Restaged & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist
Music: Adolphe Adam

April 29-30, 2005
17th Minnesota Dance Festival
Fitzgerald Theater
St Paul, Minnesota

Giselle 2005

A rustic village

Giselle, a weak-hearted young girl who is adored by her native villagers, lives with her watchful mother, Berthe. Hilarion, the village gamekeeper, is desperately in love with Giselle. Prince Albrecht, a nobleman who is already engaged to a noblewoman named Bathilde, is bored and lonely with his everyday existence. Captivated by Giselle's frail beauty and innocence, Albrecht disguises himself as a peasant named Loys. After purchasing the cottage adjacent to Berthe's, he proceeds to shower Giselle with his affections.

Hilarion, filled with suspicion and jealousy, becomes enraged when Giselle falls madly in love with Albrecht and believes that they are engaged.

Berthe has a vision that her daughter will one day become a Wili, a jilted maiden who dies before her wedding night. The Wilis emerge between midnight and dawn to vengefully trap any man who enters their domain by forcing him to dance to his death.

Hilarion exposes Albrecht's disguise and proclaims that he is already betrothed to Bathilde. Overwhelmingly distraught and horrified, Giselle dies of a broken heart.


Act II - A forest clearing

Hilarion is discovered just before midnight keeping vigil by Giselle's tomb. As midnight approaches, the Wilis appear with their leader, Queen Myrta. This is the night Giselle is to be initiated as a Wili.

Albrecht, laden with feelings of guilt and remorse, visits Giselle's grave. He sees a vision of Giselle and follows it into the forest. At this point, Myrta discovers Hilarion in the forest and orders the Wilis to dance around him until he dies from exhaustion. She then discovers Albrecht and demands that he share the same fate as Hilarion but is unable to permeate the invisible bond of love that Giselle has for him.

At dawn, when the Wilis lose their power and must retreat to their dwelling place, Albrecht is saved and Giselle forgives him. Giselle returns with the Wilis and recognizes that now she will be one of them for the rest of time.