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Beethoven 6th, Mvt 1
Beethoven 6th, Mvt 2
Beethoven 6th, Mvt 3
Beethoven 6th, Mvt 4
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Beethoven's   6TH   S Y M P H O N Y ...... Movement 5
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Choreographer:   Andrew Rist
Composer:  Ludwig Beethoven
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Sets:  Jim Arnold, Cythia Betz
Lighting:  Sam Baldwin
Photography:  Dave Trayers

BMN Company
      Julia Heggerness
      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Bennett`
      Kari Jensen
      Ben Olsen
      Riley Weber
      Bobby Johnson

Guests & CBA dancers
      Anna Betz
      Sara Ezzell
      Margaret Underwood
      Hannah Wagner
      Celesta Brainard
      Harper Skulley
      Andrew Rist(guest)
      Autumn Keller(guest)

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
          6th Symphony
       5th Annual Fall Concert
       November 5, 2010
       St Paul Studnet Theater,
       University Of Minnesota
       St Paul, Minnesota

Musical Premiere:
     December 22, 1808
     Vienna, Austria

Beethoven 6th  Mvt 5

2010                                                                                                                                               5th Annual  FALL CONCERT

Beethoven's 6th SYMPHONY
Movement 1 of 5

November 5-6, 2010
St Paul Student Center Theater, U. of MN
St Paul, Minnesota


     In a letter to Therese Malfatti in the summer of 1808, Beethoven said " How happy I am to be able to walk among the shrubs, the trees, the woods, the grass and the rocks! For the woods, the trees and the rocks give man the resonance he needs."

MVT 1: Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arriving in the country

MVT 2: Scene by the Brook .

MVT 3: Merry Gathering of Peasants.

MVT 4: Tempest, Storm.

MVT 5: Shepards' Hymn - Happy and Thankful Feeling After The Storm

Andrew Rist
Ludwig van Beethoven
  Cheryl Rist
Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz

B6 M5 PP1
PP4 B6 M5

Symphony #6 in F major,
Op. 68

The Pastoral Symphony

It is a symphony composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, and was completed in 1808. One of Beethoven's few works containing explicitly programmatic content, the symphony was first performed in the Theater an der Wien on 22 December 1808 in a four hour concert called the Musikalische Akademie.


6th Symphony
B6 M5 PP3
B6 M5 PP2

6th Symphony