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Mozart 40   Cast
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Mozart's 40th   Mvt 2
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Mozart's   40TH   S Y M P H O N Y ...... Movement 3
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Choreographer ... Andrew Rist

Composer ........... Wolfgang Mozart

Costumes ........... Cheryl Rist

Lighting ............. Tom Campbell

Photography ...... Dave Trayers

      Julia Heggerness
      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Bennett
      Kari Jensen
      Jordan Nelson
      Sean Laughead

      Anna Betz, Margaret Ulland
      Maren Gray, Olivia Brunzell-Garrett
      Emma Benja, Hannah Wagner
      Margaret Underwood, Sara Ezzell
      Rebecca McDonnell
      Antone Gregory (Guest)

      Mozart: 40th Symphony
         4th Annual Fall Concert
         November 6, 2009
         Fitzgerald Theater,
         St Paul, Minnesota


     Unsure 1789-90,
     Dresden, Leipzig or Frankfurt

Mozart 40th Mvt3

Mozart's   40TH   S Y M P H O N Y   . . . .   Movement 3

Mozart 40th Symphony Mvt 3 pp
Following notes taken from Wikipedia

- This is one of the last sympohonies composed by Mozart.

- The symphony is unquestionably one of Mozart's most greatly admired works, and it is frequently performed and recorded.

- Ludwig van Beethoven knew the symphony well, copying out 29 measures from the score in one of his sketchbooks.[8] It is thought that the opening theme of the last movement may have inspired Beethoven in composing the third movement of his Fifth Symphony. In addition, the opening movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 2, No.1 in F minor seems to echo some of the rhythmic motives found in the final movement of the symphony.

- There is no completely solid documentary evidence that the premiere of the 40th Symphony took place in Mozart's lifetime. However, as Zaslaw (1983) points out, the circumstantial evidence that it was performed is very strong. On several occasions between the composition of the symphony and the composer's death, symphony concerts were given featuring Mozart's music, including concerts in which the program has survived, including a symphony, unidentified by date or key. These include:[3]
        .....Dresden, 14 April 1789, during Mozart's Berlin journey
        .....Leipzig, 12 May 1789, on the same trip
        .....Frankfurt, 15 October 1790


Movement 3 Dancers:
Anna Betz, Margaret Ulland, Emma Benja, Hanna Wagner, Sara Ezzell, Rebecca McDonnell, Margaret Underwood







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