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Rhap In Blue
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School: 651-290-0513
Gershwin's   R H A P S O D Y   I N   B L U E
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Choreographer:  Andrew Rist

Composer:  George Gershwin

Costumes:  Cheryl Rist

Sets:  Jim Arnold

Lighting:  Tom Campbell

Photography:  Dave Trayers

BMN Company 2009
      Julia Heggerness
      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Bennett
      Kari Jensen
      Jordan Nelson
      Sean Laughead

CBA & Guests 2009
      Anna Betz
      Margaret Ulland
      Maren Gray
      Olivia Brunzell-Garrett
      Antone Gregory (guest)
      Jim Arnold (guest)

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
      Rhapsody In Blue
         4th Annual Fall Concert
         November 6, 2009
         Fitzgerald Theater,
         St Paul, Minnesota

Musical Premiere:
     February 12, 1924,
     Aeolian Hall, New York

Rhapsody In Blue

R H A P S O D Y   I N    B L U E  . . . . . . . .   A n   A m e r i c a n   L o v e   S t o r y

Choreography: Andrew Rist               Photography: Dave Trayers               Costumes: Cheryl Rist

Rhapsody In Blue

Inspiration: Rhapsody in Blue
Much of the inspiration for the work came to him during a train journey to Boston, "with its steely rhythms, its rattlety-bang . . . I suddenly heard - and even saw on paper - the complete construction of the rhapsody from beginning to end. I heard it as a sort of musical kaleidoscope of America - of our vast melting pot, of our unduplicated national pep, of our blues, our metropolitan madness." The actual music was written in a week on his return to New York.

How Rhapsody came to be:
Sometime in late 1923, the bandleader, Paul Whiteman, asked George Gershwin to think about writing a jazz piece for his band. Gershwin gave it some thought, sketched some possible themes, and left it at that. On January 4, 1924 to his surprise, a report appeared in the New York Tribune announcing that George Gershwin was at work on a "jazz concerto" to be premiered by the Whiteman Band at the Aeolian Hall in New York on February 12, in a concert to be called An Experiment in Modern Music. At the time, he was in the thick of his Broadway commitments and the jazz concerto was barely more than a thought, but Gershwin's genius rose to the occasion. He would later point to the rhythm and rattle of the Boston train he was once on as the source of his rhythmic ideas, and to James McNeill Whistler's painting Nocturne in Black and Gold as the inspiration for Rhapsody's title.

                                                                                                                             Jim Arnold                                                                  Jennifer Bennett / Erin Warn

             Kari Jensen   Sean Laughead   Erin Warn'   Jennifer Bennett                 Julia Heggernes   Jordan Nelson   Sean Laughead   Kari Jensen   Jennifer Bennett   Erin Warn

Sean Laughead   Julian Heggerness                                                             Jennifer Bennett   Kari Jensen                                                                                  Julia Heggerness                         

          Erin Warn                                                                                             Sean Laughead   Kari Jensen              

                  Margaret Ulland   Maren Gray                                                   Margaret Ulland   Jim Arnold Julia Heggerness                                         Jordan Nelson   Jennifer Bennett                         

                             Jordan Nelson   Julia Heggerness                                                                      Jordan Nelson   Jennifer Bennett   Erin Warn   Sean Laughead   Kari Jensen            

                                 Margaret Ulland   Anna Betz                                                                               Margaret Ulland                                                   Margaret Ulland   Maren Gray  Olivia BrunzellGarrett                   

  Kari Jensen   Jennifer Bennett   Sean Laughead    Julian Heggernes   Erin Warn                                                                                                                                              

                                    Kari Jensen                                                            Sean Laughead   Julia Heggernes   Jordan Nelson                                               Anna BetzMargaret Ulland                          

                          Sean Laugnead   Jennifer Bennett   Kari Jensen   Erin Warn                                           Julia Heggernes  Erin Warn   Anna Betz  Olivia Brunzell-Garrett                               

                                    Julia Heggernes   Sean Laughead                                                             Sean Laughead   Julia Heggernes                                                 Jordan Nelson   Juliia Heggernes                             

                          Margaret Ulland   Maren Gray   Jim Arnold                                                                               Julia Heggernes  Jordan Nelson                              

                             Jennifer Bennett   Erin Warn                                                            Jordan Nelson   Julia Heggernes   Sean Laughead   Jennifer Bennett

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2009 - 2010           22nd Performance Season

2009-10 Season

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