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N I K   N E L S O N
Other Apprentices:       Harper Skulley        Hannah Wagner          Margaret Underwood          Nik Nelson           Anna Betz

NIK studied with Keane Sense of Rhythmn before he began his dance studies at the Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota in November, 2010.

Nik has danced in the classic 'Don Quixote' as well as dancing the lead role of the Nutcracker in the Nutcracker. And,i in 2013Nik created the feature role of the Jester in Ballet Minnesota's production of Cinderella.

He has danced in original works by Andrew Rist including: "Cinderella', 'Messiah', 'Song of Silence' and Beethoven's 'Grosse Fuge'.

Nik also attended the St Paul Conservatory of Performing Arts with her focus on dance.

Nik was made an apprentice to Ballet Minnesota for the 2012-2013 season.

A Sample of Nik's Artistry

Nik Nelson   Cinderella

Aaron Davies     Sister: Riley Thomas Weber     Stepmother: Jennifer Bennett     Hannah Wagner, Elijah Heggernes     Prince: Allen Gregory     Sister: Ben Olson     Jester: Nik Nelson      Margaret Underwood, Harper Skulley

M E S S I A H  .........  S i n f o n y
Margaret Underwood         Hannah Wagner          Jennifer Pray         Nik Nelson         Celesta Brainard

S O N G   O F   S I L E N C E
Song Of Silence 3
Nik Nelson         Song of Silence

' Classic '   N U T C R A C K E R
Nik Nelson    Nutcracker

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2012 - 2013           25th  ANNIVERSARY  Performance Season
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