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E L F K I N   E L V E S   (formerly Elfan)  ......  2014

ELFKIN ELVES (excerpt)  by Andrew Rist

Have you ever seen a shadow
Racing across a room,
Turning tricks and somersaults
Riding on a broom?
Well, its been said by many
In the town of Gremly-Grum
If you're there or happen to see
When the day is done
Or early in the morning,
Before the library doors
Open up to begin the day
You'll see a shadow for sure

Choreographer:   Andrew Rist
Composer:  Robert E Hindel
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Sets:  Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz
Photography:  Anna Betz*

  * All photos in the book taken at the 26th Minnesota Dance Festival, O'Shaughnessy , St Paul, Minnesota, May 2-3, 2014

Performance 2014

Premiere ............................................. 2008, 20th Minnesota Dance Festival, Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul
2nd Production .................................. 2014, 26th Minnesota Dance Festival, Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

2014 CAST


      Elfkin Ariel:  Lisette Amache
      Elfkin Brie:  Lily Parker
      Elfkin Tatya:  Olivia Huseonica

      Aaron Davies

School Girl: Amy:
      Olivia Stephan

School Girls:
      Cindy Ball, Ella Bursch, Brianna Cross,
      Helen Dobbleman, Andrea Ghenciu, Morgan
      Gibbs, Olivia Haas, Mary Inserra, Hermione
      Joseph, Audrey LeMeur, Olivia Most,
      Bethany Merchlewicz, Annika Pnewski,
      Olivia Stephan, Alexis Tao, Laura Theiss,
      Elizabeth Westgard

       Chloe Kooy, Nina Carrell, Niamh Coomey

Pied Piper of Hamline:
      Matthew Halpaus

      Level 2

      Level 1

Kindergarten Teacher:
       Maryann Johnson



Lost Boys:
      Micah Watkins, Cruz Mason, Gustavo
      Juaarez-Sweeney, Michael Kockelman,
      Duncan Reyburn, Christian Watkins,
      Toby Felthauser

March of the Books / Flower Fairies
      Ella Anderson, Enya Brett, Laura Jensen
      Fiona Juarez-Sweeney, Sophie Kooy,
      Karissa Kockelman, Kitri Lindberg,
      Aubrie Owen, Ashley Su, Grace Watkins

March of the Books / Mischievous Fairies
      Karina Malm, Mykenzee Bryant, Calvin
      Huseonica, Katherine Ruiz, Ben Bauer

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