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N I G H T M A R E ...... Adventures of the Ballerina Girls

Photos for the book, 'Nightmare' written by Andrew Rist were taken at the 22nd Minnesota Dance Festival, May 14 2010

- Follow the adventures of 13 Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota students, from St Paul, Minnesota, who have a most peculiar night after the lights go out.

 - What happens when one girl, Chloe, wakes from sleep late at night?

 - What happens when the stuff of dreams turns a little bit strange? What happens when the closet door slowly creeks open?

Book: Andrew Rist
Andrew Rist
Composer:  Robert E Hindel
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Sets:  Jeff Annis, Jim Arnold
Photos 2007:  Dave Trayers*

Nightmare 2

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The CD with original score by Robert E Hindel is also available.

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N I G H T M A R E:   Adventures of The Ballerina Girls             available at

Published by Outskirts Press       May 2012            2nd book in the Ballerina Girls Series
Written by: Andrew Rist
Photographs by: Dave Trayers
Costumes by: Cheryl Rist

                                                       Below is the front and back covers for 'Nightmare: Adventures of The Ballerina Girls'

Performance History:    N I G H T M A R E

Premiere ............................................. 1996, Minnesota Dance Festival, O'Shaughnessy, St Paul
2nd Performance ................................ 2002, 14th MDF / Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul
3rd Performance ................................  2007, 19th MInnesota Dance Festival / Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul
4th Performance ................................  2010, May 14-16, 22nd Minnesota Dance Festival / Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

Photography: Dave Trayers 2007 & 2010

Book: Andrew Rist
Choreography: Andrew Rist
Original Score: Robert E Hindel
Costumes: Cheryl Rist
Sets: Jeff Annis, JIm Arnold
Photographs: Dave Trayers

The following excerpt is from the book.

            The first book chronicling the adventures of the ballerina girls is titled, ‘At The Museum’.   It tells the story of the thirteen ballerina girls and their visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  If you read it you will find out what happens when one girl, Chloe, gets left behind.  You will find out what happens when the Degas statue, Picasso’s ‘Seated Woman’, Van Gogh’s ‘Starry, Starry Night’ and Degas’ ‘The Dancing Class’ come to life. It was first produced as a ballet in 1994.

            ‘Nightmare’ the second book chronicling the adventures of the ballerina girls was also first a ballet. The original story took place at a ballet boarding school, Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota, in the evening just before bed.  The girls played a while, got into their pajamas, danced the Charleston, caught a boy trying to recover his baseball and then fell asleep.  The rest of the ballet was about Chloe’s nightmare.

            The ballet has been performed four times since 1996 (its premiere) and each time bits and pieces were added to the story.   For instance the Fitzgerald ghost did not appear until the last production in 2010.  During a rehearsal break in 2007 I was sitting in the theater talking with Tom Campbell (production manager for the Fitzgerald Theater).  He told me about Ben, the Fitzgerald ghost.  Ben was a stagehand during the roaring twenties and died mysteriously near the theater.  Ever since there have been several reported sightings of him.

PP1 Nightmare

            Many other additions have evolved over the years.  The Emerald-Green Granite Arch and the land of Jippity-Jack were added in the book.  The Golden-Beaked One was originally a shadow but became the creature from the land of Jippity-Jack.  The ballerina girls performing in Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony was added in the book.   The scarlet (originally green) blob was added during the 2007 production.  Also, the names of the girls did not happen until the writing of the book.  It has been an adventure watching the story evolve over the years. 

            Nightmare, the ballet, was created and produced on the 8th Minnesota Dance Festival April 5, 1996 at the O’Shaughnessy Theater in St Paul, Minnesota.  Since then the ballet has been restaged four times.  The last restaging was at the 22nd Minnesota Dance Festival (2010) held at the Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, Minnesota. Choreography was by Andrew Rist.  Robert E Hindel composed the music.  Cheryl Rist designed the costumes.  Jim Arnold & Jeff Annis designed the sets.  And, it was during the 2010 production that the photos for this book were taken by Dave Trayers.           - Andrew Rist -

2010 PP

choreography: Andrew Rist
music:Robert E Hindel
Cheryl Rist
set: Jeff Annis, Jim Arnold

22nd MiN Dance Festival

May 14-16, 2010
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

2010 CAST

Chloe: Olivia Verdick
Boy: Aaron Davies
Juliana: Erin Warn

Ballerina Girls:

Lily Gray, Solana Reyes, Mary Shrake, Olivia Rose Awsumb, Maddie Costello, Molly Roche, Samantha Meryhew, Katya Klosner, Shivani Nookala, Kayla Assimacopoulos, Grace Kubes, Erin Chase, Maggie Selner, Marie Finley, Katlyn Newman, Savanna Beaurline, Sarah Lauwagie, Haley Boyer, Anna Shortridge, Karly Lunda.

Fitzgerald Ghost: JIm Arnold

Golden-Beaked One: Margaret Ulland

Anna Reimann, Berea Ames, Morgan West, Sophia Pellegrom, Janelle Amacher, Christina Gustafson, AmyTrayers, Maggie Sullivan, Rachel Busse, Theodosia Barteshevitch, Lillian Lee.

Apparition (Ullana):
Harper Skulley, Celesta Brainard

Floating Apparition (Briana):

Julia Heggerness, Antone Gregory, Bashawn Williams


19th MiN Dance Festival
May 14-16, 2007
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

2007 CAST

Chloe: Juliana Johnson

Boy: Aaron Davies, Gabriel Chang

Erin Warn

Ballerina Girls:

Hannah Wagner, Emma Benja, Alyssa Wildenauer, Margaret Underwood, Elleana Wiering, Sara Ezzell, Kathryn Longley, Rebecca McDonnell, Elizabeth Fong, Halle McDonough, Betsy Cogan, Sophia Mitchell, Jessica Schrimp, Alexandra Simmonds-Trooien, Cameron Meyer-Mueller, Kristin Klem.

Golden-Beaked One: Margret Ulland

Wraiths: Olivia Brunzell-Garrett, Maddie Klein, Laura Betz

Harper Skulley, Celesta Brainard

Floating Apparition:

Taylor Dreyling, David Schmidt,, Allen Gregory

Nightmare 02 07


14th Minnesota Dance Festival
April 5-6, 2002
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

2002 CAST

Chloe: Casey Hauk
Boy: Collin
Juliana: Melanie Hughes

Ballerina Girls: Elena Ahmann, Sarah Amsterdam, Sarah Bulger, Anja Crowder, Kacey Hauk, Michelle Ho, Meredith Lis, Sarah Mickens, Susie Moen, Shona Mosites, Rebecca Pelletier, Monica Rojas, Shiela Sinha, Elizabeth Slater, Kaitlin Veenstra

Wraiths: Emily Baierl, Mariana Wong

Floating Appariation: Julia Heggernes, Geoff Leung, Bard Jacula